Our Holistic Process : Winward Financial Insurance & Investments | Wellsville, UT

Our Holistic Process

Some clients may only need us to help them with one area of their financial picture, while others will engage our services to assist them with multiple aspects. Regardless of how simple or complex your planning needs, we strive to take a holistic view in order to ensure we are providing the solution which is most appropriately tailored to your desires and needs.

As part of our holistic process, we take our clients through a series of questions and data gathering in order to figure out where you are, where you want to be, if you’re pointed in the right direction, and if so, how far along that path you are. Sometimes only a small tweak to your plan is needed, while other times a major overhaul is required. Along the way, we enjoy working with other professionals such as attorneys and accountants to ensure any plans put forth are taking your entire picture into view. We enjoy helping quarterback this process for clients.

As part of our holistic process, we follow the Certified Financial Planning Board’s 7 step process:

  • Step 1: Understanding the Client’s Personal and Financial Circumstances
  • Step 2: Identifying and Selecting Goals
  • Step 3: Analyzing the Client’s Current Course of Action and Alternative Potential Courses of Action
  • Step 4: Developing the Recommendations
  • Step 5: Presenting the Recommendations to the Client
  • Step 6: Implementing the Recommendations
  • Step 7: Monitoring Progress and Updating the Plan