Medicare & Health Insurance

Medical expenses can be a major concern for people in any stage of life.

At Winward Financial, as part of our protection-based approach to helping people with their financial needs, we assist people in understanding their options for managing their medical expenses which can change at different stages of life. We understand that properly ensuring medical expenses are covered as efficiently as possible is vital to one’s overall financial well-being.

For those in or near retirement, we assist with bringing clarity to Medicare decisions which can be overwhelming to some. We enjoy the relief we see on clients’ faces after helping them understand their options and helping them reach a decision which fits their situation. Whether approaching age 65 or reviewing your options annually after age 65, we enjoy meeting and discussing these options with you.

For those still in the workforce, we assist people in understanding options available during this stage of life. We specialize in helping those who are self-employed or who may not be offered benefits through their employer. Many times, we help others by using the federally facilitated marketplace to find appropriate coverage.

In addition to working with individuals, we also enjoy working with business owners in putting together group coverage for their employees. We have strategic partners we team up with to get you the plan and guidance you need in order to attract, reward, and retain top talent.