Retirement Planning

Ah, retirement. This is a phase of life we all dream of
and often wonder if it will ever arrive.

We work for decades, and then before you know it you are staring your retirement cake in the frosting and wondering what happened to your life.

At Winward Financial, retirement planning is an area where we feel we excel in assisting clients maximize and optimize retirement income. For those still working and saving for retirement, there are specific things which can and should be done to ensure you are prepared for those wonderful golden years. Time is of the essence, so meeting sooner rather than later is a good idea.

For those nearing or in retirement, we find that the distribution phase of life can be very different financially than the accumulation phase you went through for decades. There are specific steps which can be taken to ensure your retirement is as stress free and enjoyable as possible, at least from a financial standpoint. We welcome discussing these strategies with those approaching and in retirement to ensure your retirement years are all you hoped they could be.